Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's a gorgeous day outside today, has been all week. My chives that I abandoned last fall have made a recovery and are doing some massive sprouting. My strawberry runners are showing green growth and at least for right now my outside feels like spring.

It's supposed to snow in the next week. Of course.

My backyard is where most of my food production happens or is going to happen since it gets a ridiculous amount of sunlight. My front yard, as you've seen before, is destined for kitchen and medical herb use. While I have the actual ground part mostly figured out I'm not trying to decide what I want to put in the window boxes.

So I'm looking for suggestions. As you can see they are shallow, maybe 4 inches deep but long, about 2.5 feet. Width is also in the 4 inch range. These boxes get around 3-4 hours of direct sunlight in the morning and then the rest of the day they tend to be in shade.

So what would you suggest?

I could certainly plant other items besides herbs as well since I would like to be able to entire bees and butterflies to my area with flowers etc.


Andrea said...

How about lettuces? They go to seed so easily in hot weather...the shade during the heat of the day might prolong your harvest. Plus you could plant some interesting varieties for visual, purple, yellow, speckled lettuces!

TheSurvivalMom said...

I adore herbs and want to expand my herb garden this year. I love being able to go out and grab a handful of parsley or cilantro or whatever for a recipe. Have you decided which medicinal herbs to grow? I want to try echinacea but am not sure it grows well in my area. For me, that's the trick: planting what will actually grow in a hot, dry climate. Have you planted lavender? It's a pretty plant with flowers and has multiple uses.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a serious water stop between the window boxes and the house siding, or you are inviting a major problem with wood rot on the exterior house walls.

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