Friday, February 18, 2011

Retail therapy

I got laid off. Again. For the second time in 3 months. It stings.

As a general rule I think a LOT of people probably shop to make themselves feel better. I've read all sorts of studies that suggest that shopping is a lot like foraging and so for both genders we feel like we're doing "something" which makes us feel better.

I like to shop just as much as the next person although rarely is it for me. I don't care about shoes or purses and I have a limited professional wardrobe.

But this morning I was feeling oh so low. Lost the job yesterday so of course there is the worry about money but there is also just the feeling bad about myself. I knew I needed to make myself feel better.

I did the dishes. Not feeling better. I did laundry. Oh did I do laundry. Still not feeling better. I ran errands that cost zero dollars. Not feeling better.

So I decided I would sink to my lowest and buy something.

It only made sense to buy for my Apocalypse closet. Since this quarter I'm focusing on first aid and medical supplies I went online to my local pharmacy and checked out the weekly ad. Asprin (generic) on sale. Good. Excedrin also on sale. Excellent. (I have migraines from time to time and Excedrin is my second line of defense against them) I searched for coupons, printed some and off I went.

I bought:
2 100 ct asprins for $1.99. Total. (They were discounted and it was buy one get one.)
1 50 ct Excedrin Extra Strength for $2.99 total (discounted to $3.99 and then $1.00 coupon)
1 50 ct Excedrin Migrain for $2.99 (see above)
and 2 bottles of hydrogen peroxide for $1.98 total. (They were .99 each).

With tax I spent $10. Not too shabby. Not great, I KNOW there are coupon mavens who can do WAY better. I read their blogs. I'm just not that good yet.

These items join my mini first aid kit with generic band aids, some old burn cream and rubbing alcohol. Oh and oddly enough some Quik Clot. I would like more of that for sure but it seems to cost a bunch so it's one of those save up type of things.

I will continue to hunt for first aid supplies on the cheap and hope to have a decent looking first aid kit for not very much money by the end of March.


Bitsy said...

I love to shop when I'm feeling blue! At least you channeled your shopping energy into something productive and built up your preps!

Lori said...

Just found your blog, Love, Love, Love it! I am on a very similar path as yours right now. Started couponing and stockpiling 2 years ago due to financial hardship(I AM a "coupon maven"). Planted an overly ambitious garden last year that was very prolific but ultimately just got out of control.
I read Dies the Fire a while back, as well as The Patriot, but it is only recently that I have become interested in prepping/suburban homesteading. My hubby thinks I am a little crazy but is willing to be supportive of my latest obsession.Looking forward to following your progress!

Andrea said...

I'm not a coupon expert, but I use them whenever I can...whenever I can leave with a free item, I do a little dance all the way to the car!

I'm sorry to hear you're laid off. Again. That really stinks.

True Texan said...

So sorry about the job loss. Good on you for focusing your blues to something needful! You are in my prayers today!

ain't for city gals said...

Hi I came over from Wendy's Surviiving the Suburbs...I still have a rule...if I can eat it or drink it I will still buy it...if it is on sale or buy one get one...the blood clot things are pricey but every house should have one or two..looking forward to reading your previous and future posts..

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