Thursday, August 11, 2011

I hate people

Recently I've mention that I work in HR. Which is short for Human Resources. Which, in my case, means I deal with people. All.Day.Long.

I used to really, really like people.

Now I generally hate them.

This has spilled into my private life in a way I was surprised about.

I've been slowly coming to the realization that I hate my neighbors. I hate my suburban life. My neighbor on my left mows AND weed wacks his lawn BOTH days of the weekend. At 7am.

Then neighbors to the right of me feel as if their lives are not complete unless they have a party and invite the entire state of Rhode Island (who feel obliged to show up. EVERY WEEKEND.) and leave their dogs penned up in a crappy homemade 6 x 6 pen attached to my fence. Which means the dogs bark everytime I go outside.

The neighbors across the street hate each other. I know this because I hear them screaming at each other every 2 days or so from the happy spot in my living room. They are both screaming "I hate you." Good times.

The neighbors directly behind me are a blended family who are having trouble blending. I hear them fight with their kids, each other and at nothing. Plus their teenagers like to light fireworks when their parents aren't home.

I can not enjoy my back yard. I can not enjoy my front yard. I can not enjoy the sanctuary of my own home.

So I am done.

I've informed my husband we need to pay off all remaining debt in order to save money/afford a larger mortgage payment and get the flock out of here.

I don't think he minds the idea. He's been looking forward to getting away from barking dogs, angry people and stupid teenagers since he moved in here 3 years ago.

Wish me luck!


Andrea said...

Oooh. Good luck.

Hey, if you ever thought of moving to Ohio, we talked to a realtor last week about putting our house on the market.

1.1 acres, very rural.
3 bedrooms.
1.5 baths.
Only 1 neighbor, unless you count the residents in the cemetery.

Kris said...

That sounds terrible. We have one set of neighbors that we don't really care for, and I doubt they care for us either, but it's all politely ignored, for the most part.

Good luck finding a new place. It's definitely a buyer's market, take advantage of it!

HossBoss said...

Might be tough to sell even in a GOOD MARKET with those kinds of neighbors all the way around. Most of the time, real estate is about location, location, location. In your case, it might be TIMING, TIMING, TIMING in only show the place when the partying and feuding neighbors are asleep or out of town. I'm thinking that 7am on Saturday or Sunday is your best bet. The buyers would only see your mowing / weed-wacking neighbor as 'meticulous.' It's the least of the evils.

I like our neighbors ...of course, I can't see them or hear them unless I walk 50 yards up the driveway and another 150 yards down the road. Ahhh, life in the country!

: )

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