Monday, September 27, 2010

status updates

September is a busy month and not just in terms of gardening.

Two of my three children have birthdays at the end of the month with one turning 15 and the other turning 6 this year.

Also for reason that are long and tedious we have been without massive amounts of cash which has inhibited my ability to can products mostly because I haven't been able to acquire them.

The garden is winding down although I have some jalapenos that are ready to be harvested.

I had a dream last night that I was pulling carrots where I thought I had planted radishes. It was a pretty good dream. (I like carrot infinently more than I like radishes)

We had some power outages earlier this month that lasted for a little too long.

I was pretty happy with our emergency preparedness because we were able to grab flashlights and radio equipment qucikly since they were all in one spot. Most of the lighting is hand crank so that took a little bit of time to do but we sat on the porch in the twlight while cranking. There are worst ways to spend an evening.

The only semi concern I had was AC. It was still pretty warm at night at that point and I could have seen the house getting hotter than comfortable. In our case we would have all retired to the basement if it was a long term outage and luckily we didn't have to but it certainly made me think a little on what else I could do for long term emergency stuff.

Overall September was a good month although it honestly feels like not much got accomplished.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Garden Goodies

So it looks like my first foray into gardening has been a success.

I had cucumbers, although not many. Those are done now though.

My onions continue to grow although they are not going to be massive. I think that's the result of growing in a container with other items. Next year I'll put them in the ground in their own row.

My jalepeno peppers have FINALLY decided to come out and I've picked and used one so far in my peach salasa and have at least 4 or 5 on the plant still maturing.

My cherry tomato plant is ridiculus. I'm pulling ziplock baggies of red tomatoes off that thing twice a week. Sadly, I dont like cherry tomatoes so I've been giving them away after my children eat their fill.

My roma tomatoes have produced 1-2 smallish red fruits per week. Not enough to make sauce which makes me sad.

Mater's and Peno's.

This weekend we finally pulled a carrot from the garden. My helper ate it after we rinsed it off and its' short and stubby. Again, the result of it's container home I think.

Blueberries did not do anything this year (I didn't think they would) and my strawberries are now going crazy with runners but they aren't blooming. That's okay,we had a couple this spring.

Sure, we wont be living off the land this winter with massive food stores but overall it was pretty great watching things grow.