Monday, September 27, 2010

status updates

September is a busy month and not just in terms of gardening.

Two of my three children have birthdays at the end of the month with one turning 15 and the other turning 6 this year.

Also for reason that are long and tedious we have been without massive amounts of cash which has inhibited my ability to can products mostly because I haven't been able to acquire them.

The garden is winding down although I have some jalapenos that are ready to be harvested.

I had a dream last night that I was pulling carrots where I thought I had planted radishes. It was a pretty good dream. (I like carrot infinently more than I like radishes)

We had some power outages earlier this month that lasted for a little too long.

I was pretty happy with our emergency preparedness because we were able to grab flashlights and radio equipment qucikly since they were all in one spot. Most of the lighting is hand crank so that took a little bit of time to do but we sat on the porch in the twlight while cranking. There are worst ways to spend an evening.

The only semi concern I had was AC. It was still pretty warm at night at that point and I could have seen the house getting hotter than comfortable. In our case we would have all retired to the basement if it was a long term outage and luckily we didn't have to but it certainly made me think a little on what else I could do for long term emergency stuff.

Overall September was a good month although it honestly feels like not much got accomplished.


Wendy said...

The other day I was in Goodwill with my youngest, and we found this really cool "old fashoined" taper candle holder - one of the ones that allow the candle to be carried. It came home with us. Today, at lunch, we lit the candle and my daughter declared that she couldn't wait until we had another power outage so that we could use the candle holder ;).

Luckily, where I live, AC is not a concern. Heat would be, but we have a woodstove, and so when it comes to power outages, the worst part for us is being without computers.

That said, it's always a good idea to explore emergency preparedness, and make some sort of plan for how to deal with long-term power outages, because you just never know ;). You know?

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