Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where have I Been?

I have been meaning to blog but my nights, my "free time" seem to get lost and slip away from me lately.

My peas in my raised beds have some weird pea wither and are yellowing from the bottoms up. Best I can tell I'll just have to double dig and hope for the best next year which is incredibly disappointing.

My tomatoes are huge and I've seen plenty of flowers but no tomatoes yet.

Cucumbers are going crazy and lots of little yellow flowers there with tiny cucumbers behind them. Can't WAIT.

In canning news I've made 3 pints of Cherry Amaretto jam and 3 pints of white peach vanilla sauce.

A little foamy for a couple of the cherry jars but overall still delicious.

I should be back to posting at least a little more regularly in the coming weeks as new job becomes old hat and family time settles down around a not quite 2 year olds schedule.


True Texan said...

Recipes Please! They both sound marvelous...

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