Thursday, April 22, 2010

What I am preparing for and what I need

In my fantasy world my family and I would move to a cabin/home in the semi-wilderness with about 5 acres of land. The house would be completely self-sufficient meaning wood burning oven, fireplace, well, composting toilets, root cellar, etc. BUT, we would also have solar and wind power for things like television, movies, computer, etc. That way when the shit hits the fan, as it were, we would be self sufficient and wouldn't suffer from the meltdown that society will experience.

We would have a garden that the entire family would work from, we would have a small farm yard, mostly chickens, maybe a milking cow (assuming someone has a bull down the road for pregnancy) and some goats.

If I win the lotto that will be a top priority.

However, I live in the real world. I have children that need a roof over their heads, food in their bellies and the History Channel. (Okay that's for me)

I also like my job, my profession. I want to work outside the home when feasible and possible.

I live in suburbia and I have friends and family. I don't need them seeing my "crazy" as I call it when it comes to this stuff and I don't want jokes about tinfoil hats or doomsday prophecy.

So...what am I preparing for?

I believe that a global meltdown is inevitable in the very near future. I predict it will be economic. But it could very well be caused by a biological agent such as a pandemic that decimates the worlds population leading to a complete shutdown of society as we know it.

Is that the psycho shower scene music playing in the background?

Anyways, I want to be ready if that happens.

I don't want to try and figure out how to cook for my family for the first time when the power goes out.

I don't want to worry about how to maintain household hygiene after the place is a mess and the water is scarce.

I don't want to worry about where to get food or the danger of trying to loot a grocery store if we run out.

I don't want to worry about security in those kinds of times. (I've turned that over to Survival Dad though. He heard guns and security and was good to go.)

I don't want to worry about drinking water in desperate times.

I don't want to worry about food storage and nutrition.

So - really this blog is for me.

I have so many things and ideas and needs that I want to get in order. This blog is to help me with that.

I need to learn how to garden.

I need to learn how to cook from scratch. And over a camp fire, wood stove or fireplace flame. None of which I have on hand.

I need to learn basic medical safety and guidelines and gather the materials necessary should I need them.

I need to learn how to can and dry food.

I need to teach myself how to eat better.

I need to learn how to become less reliant on fossil fuels and more reliant on natural energy.

I need to be debt free.

I need to learn how to entertain my family when there is no tv, iPhone or electronics.

I need skillz yo.


Wendy said...

Yes. There's a lot to learn, and yes, all of those things you mention, you will have to figure out, at some point.

If I could, however, let me suggest that you start with one thing. I started changing our diet so that most of what we eat are things that grow where we live. My motivation was exactly the same as yours, but by starting with the diet, I could focus on the one area where I had control. Plus, since it wasn't (just) about getting ready for TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it), people who didn't need to know that I am a little bit crazy, just saw the food stuff and thought I was trying to feed my family a healthier diet, which I was, but mostly because I'm pretty convinced that we won't have access to or be able to afford food from the grocery in the very near future, and I didn't want us to starve or suffer from food fatigue ;). With concentrating on our diet, I didn't, necessarily, seem crazy from the outside looking in :).

Pick one thing to concentrate on first, because it can be very overwhelming.

You mention basic medical safety, and for that information, you might find some of the downloadable books on this site helpful. In particular, the book "Where There Is No Doctor", provides some basic information about illness and disease and treatments.

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