Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Continuing with goals

I finally have the majority of the under-the-stairs closet cleared out and am ready to start putting STUFF into it.

My goal is to put the water in there to start and also our BOB's when I get those together. After that work on the pantry aspect of it.

I found a variety of items, many of which made their way to the Goodwill near my mother in laws house.

There is one thing that I found a little disturbing though, as she attempted to help me clean out the closet.

I have a LOT of paint in there. There will be a hazardous waste cleanup in our area in September so for the time being I'm just moving the paint to the garage. But my sweet mother in law kept telling me to keep this paint and keep that paint because you never know....

She's not a hoarder but that is certainly the mentality.

In any case, the paint is going. And soon.

I am pretty excited to be setting up my first official "Storage" area in the house and readying it for "prep". I'll show pictures when I finally have something to show.


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