Monday, May 17, 2010

Another positive of growing your own

Pesticides tied to ADHD

The article does point out that the pesticides don't cause ADHD. There seems to be a link, the study needs to be replicated etc., etc., etc.

Specifically the Dr interviewed for the article suggests, in this order, going organic, buying at farmers' markets and washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming them.
She does not suggest growing your own.

I understand why. That seems odd to the general populace, that you could just grow your own fruits and vegetables and thereby control what you are consuming, as least as much as you humanly can. But it CAN be done!

My evidence:

Now, I know what you're thinking. 3 berries Suburbanite Mom. Smallish, odd shaped berries at that.

I know. But check out the look on my Berry Harvester's face:

She looks pretty pleased with herself doesn't she? She wanted to eat them for breakfast but I didn't have time this morning to stop and assist with the slicing of our "bounty" so she decided to wait until after school today to snack on them.

Also, please keep in mind, these were harvested on May 16th. They were selected because they are the only red ones we currently have. We have at least 2 more ripening and a pinkish hue and I have both Everbearing and June strawberry plants in my containers.

I think one of the biggest obstacles in the years post-TEOTWAWKI will be getting used to not having summer year round available in the grocery store. It will be a lifestyle where you accept that you can not have strawberries in December (at least where I live) and that when you DO have strawberries, they will be as treats and in small portions, not in gorge yourself style. Finally, we will have to get used to seeing foods as they really are and not genetically engineered into perfection, such as my funky shaped strawberries show.

It did dawn on me though, as awesome as my strawberry container is it will never actually yield a true amount that my family and I could consume or store on a meaningful level.

As much as I love container gardening, the more I get "into" gardening and preparation and sustainable living, the more I crave a REAL garden and not just containers scattered around the backyard.

Sadly, I don't think the dogs will let that be a reality for the time being. *sigh*

Also, the great bush pullout (that sounds so wrong) of 2010 in my front yard did NOT happen on Saturday. Instead it is scheduled to happen tomorrow. And all of the junipers in my front yard are coming out, not just the main massive one. YAYAYAYAYAY!

So hopefully next weekend will be filled with soil tilling, raking and planting, along with some mulching.

Last garden update (I swear), I planted my tomato plants yesterday. I planted one regular sized tomato in a Topsy Turvy (my gardening Aunts swear by those things) and then I planted 3 in a container. They are all home grown from seed and frankly, a little spindly looking. Keep your fingers crossed for me and those tomatoes as I have high hopes for tomato sauce this fall.


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