Saturday, May 29, 2010


Today as I was gazing at the front of my house which used to contain dreaded, overgrown, juniper bushes I was giddy. I had so much room, so many plans. I think I can add this, what about adding that?

The plan remains to make it an herb garden with both medicinal as well as kitchen herbs but I think I have enough room and enough sun to possibly add one or two plants.

The problem now lies in deciding which.

The debate is this...I would love to can my own tomato sauce this year but lack the number of tomato plants to make that a reality from my own garden. Not a huge deal of course, I can buy tomatoes from a grocery store or farmers market. But I love the IDEA of getting them from my own garden if I could manage it.

I have 2 Roma tomatoes (good for paste making such as in tomato sauce) and I have a few sprouted from seed tomatoes, both cherry (not good for sauce) and "regular" that are growing, albeit, not as full or as nicely as the Roma's I bought at the garden center down the road.

With the room in the front I could easily stick another tomato plant or two in there amongst the herbs no problem.

OR... I could plant something entirely different. I could plant some watermelons or squash since I have all that room or we could do 2 tire rings or mounds of potatoes. I feel giddy and overwhelmed with my choices!

I don't have to decide today luckily. We have probably 2 weekends worth of work that needs to happen BEFORE we can even begin to plant anything.

But I am having visions of cone flowers, rosemary and verbana dancing in my head.....


Wendy said...

Ahh! Choices, choices ;).

I try to limit myself to what I know my family will eat, and I've gone hog-wild in the past trying to grow it all, but the fact is we don't eat a lot of some things, and I'm better off getting it from the Farmer's Market. Other things just don't grow well in my climate without season extension (i.e. a greenhouse), and so those things I also buy. Other stuff, though, I grow as much as I can.

It's a balance, but oh, what fun!

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