Thursday, April 5, 2012

Real Prepping

I am totally and completely blessed with the family God gave me, not just the one I married and the ones I birthed but also the extended family such as Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

This weekend we will be visiting one of favorite Aunts and her family for Easter. I am beyond excited because I will get to see two of my cousins (I have a total of 11 cousins. My family is Irish so it's considered a small family.) and rub their baby bellies and just allow my kids to be in the presence of family. They live in a small town and even by the towns standards they live outside of town. They still have dial up. They just got cable and only because we visit and might want to watch something. I love being out there because it's so remote and we aren't able to be distracted by the hum of every day life.

One of my favorite things about my Aunt's house is that she and my Uncle Prep without meaning to. I've actually mentioned them before and my secret coveting of their cold room.

Something that has come up recently for me though is that I have ANOTHER Aunt and Uncle who at one point did a lot of prepping. They bought water and toilet paper and buckets of wheat in preparation for Y2K. Once Y2K passed they let it go and have since stopped any type of prepping as well as they stuff they USED to do such as canning their own food and raising their own chickens.

I love and admire my all of my family but I have to be honest. Y2k never scared me. The economy, solar flares and peak oil. THAT scares me.

In the end I don't think growing and eating your own food is just for preppers or just for locavores or just FOR anyone. I think it should be for EVERYONE.


Andrea said...

Preach it sister-girl! Even when we lived in the city with just a sliver of ground, we grew food! If you only pick a couple of items and make your home self-sufficient in only those items, it's worth it! We can't grow everything we need, but we CAN grow all the potaotes, onions, herbs, tomatoes and berries that we'll ever need. Now if I could only talk my husband into miniature cattle :)

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